Sustainable business is at the forefront of modern practices, and Parsekas UAB is committed to embodying these principles daily. By continually raising the bar for our standards and providing ongoing training for our employees, we actively pursue a greener environment. We recognize that the environment is the collective home for all of us, and we take responsibility for shaping our future.

One of the earliest sustainability concepts was defined back in 1987 in a United Nations report. It is gratifying to acknowledge the substantial progress achieved in a relatively short period. When Parsekas UAB commenced its activities in 2003, it promptly embraced sustainability ideas, considering them fundamental. Sustaining harmony between society and nature necessitates daily efforts, but for our company, it brings only the most positive emotions. We comprehend the significance of sustainability ideas and the practical application of their possibilities in business.

Sustainability in our company includes all three key components:

  1. Environmental sustainability
  2. Social sustainability
  3. Economic sustainability

It is a concept that integrates daily processes and promotes a flexible response to changes in all three spheres—environmental protection, economic development, and social development. These are the pillars of responsible business that contribute to enhancing the quality of life for every individual. Even when delivering services to businesses, we believe that we are enhancing the daily lives of all Lithuanians, and concurrently, the well-being of residents in other countries worldwide.

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