• Collection of pollutants from water
  • Oil waste management
  • Collection of all types of waste, import
  • Tank cleaning
  • Monitoring of dangerous cargo operations
  • Drinking water supply for ships
  • Dumpster rental and delivery in Klaipėda port
  • Delivery of goods by ship
  • Supply of oil absorbents
  • Management of all types of waste, import
  • Oil waste management
  • Transportation of liquid cargo in tank containers
  • Transportation of oversized cargo by road transport
  • Monitoring of dangerous cargo operations
  • Drinking water supply by tankers
  • Handling the effects of pollution and accidents
  • Dumpster rental and delivery
  • Supply of oil absorbents
  • Supply of fuel oil
  • Purchase of value-added waste
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Social responsibility

The Parsekas UAB team dedicates itself daily to establishing a sustainable, harmonious environment within our company, while fulfilling our commitments to clients and nurturing our broader surroundings. Our company is inseparable from the principles of ethical collaboration, ensuring great working conditions for team members, fostering transparency with clients, and actively striving to elevate the standards by which we operate.

About us
We prioritise environmental sustainability

Our clients trust our services, which adhere to the principles of sustainability, efficiency, and integrity. Committed to preserving and nurturing water and land spaces, we prioritise environmental protection. Continuously enhancing our operations, we set demanding environmental standards for ourselves. Our focus remains on ensuring a green future through the integration of advanced solutions and technologies.

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Total amount of waste collected (since 2018), in tons
131 208
Total amount of hazardous waste collected, in tons
69 030
Total amount of contaminated water collected, in tons
58 267
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